Meet Diane Joens

photoDiane Smith was raised in Sierra Vista, Ariz. When she was 15 her parents moved to Iowa where she finished high school and then married Paul Joens. Diane and Paul farmed in Iowa 15 years, raising corn, soybeans and hogs. They sold their farming operation and moved to Cottonwood 30 years ago. Diane has lived in Cottonwood for 30 years.
Bio~ Diane has served as Mayor of Cottonwood for nine years. She served on the City Council four years prior to that. She worked for Yavapai County Supervisor Chip Davis’ office for four years. She attended Yavapai College. Diane earned numerous certificates with the Department of Economic Security, and at the Verde Valley Manor where she determined eligibility and occupancy for Rural Development and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs.
Why running~ Mayor Joens enjoys leadership duties and serving the public. She strives to work in a collaborative environment that includes citizens, professional staff, the city council, and mayor. She is asking each voter for his or her vote, and offers her time and services to Yavapai County District 3 that includes Jerome, Clarkdale, Perkinsville, Cottonwood, Verde Village, Verde Santa Fe, Sedona and Village of Oak Creek. Diane believes strongly in the responsibility each of us has to public service. She likes the quote, “Always remember that you are a public servant, and as such your position, whether paid or voluntary, exists so you can serve the public.”
Serving on many water working groups and the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Resolution Subcommittee, Diane’s philosophy is to seek responsible planning to accommodate both the needs of people and the environment. Diane also served on the Arizona State Parks Director’s “Brain Trust.” She is a tireless advocate for National, State and local parks, as well as the Cottonwood Recreation Center

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